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[For mayangel7] All We Do Is Drive

Title: All We Do Is Drive
For: mayangel7
Pairing: Luhan/D.O.
Rating: PG-13
Length: 5,100 words
Summary: And this is, realistically speaking, their very last week together.
Author's Note: i know the highest rating you requested was r but i’m totally willing to write you porn if you want it ;), this fic is lowkey (highkey) inspired by halsey’s “drive”

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[For shinealightrose] Tree + Tree = Sticks

Title: Tree + Tree = Sticks
For: shinealightrose
Pairing: Luhan/Lay
Rating: G
Length: 3,960 words
Summary: Yes, all that Yixing paints is that one particular tree. It’s not that weird.
Author's Note: I had loads of fun with this prompt and I'm not sure if this is allowed or not but I might be doing a "few years later" kinda thing because Layhan is just that adorable. I hope everyone enjoy!

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[For bluedreaming] Our Chromosomes In Sepia Tones

Title: Our Chromosomes In Sepia Tones
For: bluedreaming
Pairing: Luhan/Kris, Luhan/Baekhyun
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Infidelity, depression, implied sex
Length: 2,882 words
Summary: In another life, Lu Han would love someone else. In this life, however, he couldn’t even if he tried.
Author's Note: I looked through your prompts and combined different aspects to come up with this. I don’t think I managed to do your prompts justice but nevertheless, I hope you like it!

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[For fairyminseok] In Color

Title: In Color
For: fairyminseok
Pairing: Luhan/Chanyeol
Rating: G
Length: 2,200 words
Summary: In a grey world, Luhan’s always felt like an outcast for being able to see red. He’s not the only one.
Author's Note: it’s rushed, but i tried really hard to do my best. thanks to fairyminseok for such a great prompt, tot he mods for organizing this exchange, and thanks to anyone that reads!

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[For xo_thefirst] When you look at me, what colour do you see?

Title: When you look at me, what colour do you see?
For: xo_thefirst
Pairing: Luhan/Kai
Rating: PG
Length: 2,185 words
Summary: Lu Han never really knew who KimJongin94 was until they both dyed their hair the same bright colour and everyone started shipping them.
Author's Note: Dear recipient, I love this prompt and I hope you like what I’ve written based on it! (I’d have loved to develop this story more but I didn’t have the luxury of time to do so, and I’m sorry about that!)

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[For Everyone] A Waltz of Affairs

Title: A Waltz of Affairs
For: Everyone
Pairing: Luhan/Kai
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2,583 words
Warnings: Violence, character death
Summary: Luhan dreams of a painter with memory-stained gloves.
Author's Note: Thanks for all your lovely prompts! They were all very fun to plan out and I wish I could have written more and written all of them. I hope you enjoy this~

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[For sparklepox] Distraction

Title: Distraction
For: sparklepox
Pairing: Luhan/Xiumin
Rating: PG-13 (for language and sexual innuendos)
Warning: Mild violence
Length: 5,178 words
Summary: Luhan is an injured shapeshifter looking for a distraction, and he finds it in the form of Dr. Kim Minseok.
Author's Note: To my recipient, I had the toughest time picking a prompt because they were all so amazing! But in the end, this one was my favorite. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it ♡

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